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5 Stars
Magnificent work of art
By Amy's Bookshelf Reviews "Amy Shannon"on October 23, 2014
Format: Kindle Edition
Dinlocker has done it to me again! Pull me in and don't let go. He pulled me at the title ..."Missionary Position" so many thoughts swirl around the brain, and it's good that it does. It's a magnificent work of art. As always, he builds on characters, giving a sense of humor, satire, and yes adventure and intrigue. Even if you can admit to remembering the 70's (I can, barely), this story takes the reader on a new adventure, all the way in the past and to a land ... far far away ... as far as Irian Jaya. Each character is so fully developed, with many layers. If you like Angie, you know she's got more going on that meets the eye or that she cares to admit. It's not just about freedom for her, or that she finds herself "up to my ass in hungry cannibals and angry Catholics". It goes deeper than that ... How deep will this adventure take you? Read it for yourself and embark. It's a long journey, but worth the read of every single word. June Bridals elegant wedding guest dress