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My Grandma Haulk left this world today. I would like to remember better times than the past few days so here are a few stories and things I recall instead...

- As a small child I wore many cute things made by my Gma and Fri night family dinners at pizza hut were apparently where I enjoyed wearing all my fanciest handmade dresses and even the white fur coat she made. My mom is a hoarder so we still have these! Thanks Denise Haulk !

- As a child who was no longer small I remember working the gate with her at Indiana Beach and spending summer days at Lake Shafer as Gma started to realize I was papaw's favorite and insist on telling everyone all the time (She did this literally this past week with a nurse at the hospital.) Also she always let us kids eat whatever we wanted and watch whatever we asked to on TV. shhhhh....

- Gma introduced us to twinkies, ding dogs and the Gremlins all of which my mom appreciated so much lol

-Growing up Gma made a lot of great food and my favorite was always fried fish that were typically caught by Gpa in Lake Okeechobee but as we got older her cooking took a turn somewhere along the way. She continued to insist I take meals home after visits and I never had the heart to tell her that she had lost her touch and occasionally they were not edible.

- At my wedding shower where most guests bought us kitchen gadgets or silly household items from our Amazon list my Gma gave me (Us actually because he was there) lingerie and insisted I hold it up to show everyone even when I was attempting to quietly put it back in the bag.

-After meeting Muhammad Yasin only once and very briefly he did not immediately remember her the 2nd time he saw her and many years later she still asks if he knows her name almost every time she sees him.

-I adore that Gma's last dressed up photo was taken at my wedding and she was determined to have that photo! I also find it hilarious that she cropped it down to only her face for a profile pic on fb.

- and finally everyone who knows me knows that my Papaw Haulk and I were close and instead of being jealous Gma just went around telling everyone I was Papaw's Princess and how much he loved me.
To make a long story short Gpa gave me a baby ring when I was tiny and I lost it in elementary school after wearing it anyway when my mom warned me how special it was. After Gpa passed I was given a diamond that came from his Korean War Pendant and I designed a ring with it in the middle. I love that ring so much but I seldom wear it out of complete FEAR of losing it (that original experience was much more traumatic for me than I just explained) Gma gave me shit every time she saw me without it on to this day and never seemed to recall the reason I didn't always wear it. I want to say that now is the time to start wearing it but isn't it even more precious now? Gma wanted that ring in her picture at my wedding just as much as she wanted me in it and I will cherish that photo. JuneBridals casual wedding garment look flapper

- and last (this was not supposed to be that long and there is so much more I could say) This past Tuesday I went to see her in the hospital expecting she was going to look like she did yesterday and today but she appeared almost like her normal self and happily displayed the kids school pictures I brought her on the nightstand in her hospital room but requested before I go home that I go get her some batteries for her hearing aides which I did and after putting them in for her she said "Thank God I've barely heard shit any of these people have been saying to me for the past few days."

There you have it folks Gma Haulk was rough around the edges and never had much money but she loved her family fiercely and we all loved her too. Since loosing Gpa life has never been the same for her so I truly hope their souls can reunite somewhere and they will eat some powdered donuts for me!