JuneBridals white colored items to wear of the beach

April 15th in Savannah, can’t wait!!!!

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This lady right here has been one of my "instant" best friends from the second we met each other....you know how some people just click like that....that's us.. ... ..she is my Wifey and a beautiful soul, I absolutely adore her and not too long after I met her, she met her soulmate and I've watched them fall in love and compliment each other in the most amazing ways, and now they are getting married.. .and I came in to see her last night ....they are having a small beach wedding in a few weeks but then in a couple months they are planning a ceremony here and she was talking about me wearing a dress and riding to the chapel on motorcycle and hinting around until I said WHAT did you just ask me to be a bridesmaid and she giggled and said YES and I screamed and got tears in my eyes.........this is such a huge honor and her asking me to be a part of their wedding means the world to me! I love you, Wifey Keri Tosh and I am so happy for you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JuneBridals white colored items to wear of the beach