aqua blue bridesmaid dresses

It is so sad kids have to give this kind of advice in stead of what color prom dress they should get

Autumn Fortner February 16 at 8:03pm ยท

ATTENTION EVERYONE WHO IS STILL IN SCHOOL: If there is a lockdown and there is a shooter the second you hear it's true or hear gun shots DO NOT LISTEN TO WHAT YOU WHERE TOLD TO DO BY THE PRINCIPLE SCREW ALL LOCKDOWN DRILLS! DO NOT sit in a corner and wait to get shot you can defend yourselves you can do things to make it harder to get shot. In Michigan we where told to take the desks and heavy items and block the doors barricade them so they have more difficulty getting in. If they get in don't sit there, throw things it's hard to aim a gun imagine how much harder it would be to aim while getting stuff thrown at your face if he drops the gun get it away from them and put it in a trash can. TAKE THE TRASHCAN SLOWLY TO THE POLICE WITH OUTSTRETCHED ARMS. if there is a way outside and it's safe to get out of the building. Do it. Do NOT sit around I wish more schools taught this like my old school did because it's regrettably needed information now. Also backpacks with text books strapped on your chest can be used as armor. Please pass this on. Save a life for the next one.... aqua blue bridesmaid dresses ?