bohemian evening dresses

• Chanyeol finds Baekhyun’s fear of white people very funny, so he often dresses up as one and hides under Baekhyun’s bed.
• Chanyeol and Baekhyun have bought gauze masks for each other so that they can shut each other up.
• D.O is a f(x) fanboy.
• Baekhyun said being short it good because a lot of girls will call you cute no matter what you wear.
• Chanyeol will sing Korean folk songs (in high pitch) and Kai will throws a pillow to him.
• Suho like to go into D.O's room and chat with him but he will get thrown out by Kai everytime he do that.
• In the dorm, Kai like to hides D.O clothes and makes D.O to looks for it.
• D.O said he was a very quiet boy in his high school days, its because he doesn't want anyone to find out that he is S.M. Entertainment trainee.
• Baekhyun said he'll consider marriage when he reaches 30 y/o
• Baekhyun hates to eat and smell the cucumber. His mom once challenge him to eat cucumber so his mom will give him 5000won(?). But he still can't do it even he really wants the money. bohemian evening dresses
• Before dubut, Kai actually scared with D.O's stares and doesn't want to eat with other members if D.O was there. xD
• Kai sometimes loses his temper but it's his charm.
• Lay is a good and mature person.
• Xiumin is academically smart, although he’s humble.
• Chen is a hardworking person, give him some time, you’ll discover his charms.
• EXO M mainly converse in Korean with some Chinese phrases. They call all types of nicknames & change then frequently.
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