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it's actually dream precognition and not decoding


maybe your brother is suffering depression, blue symbolizes sadness and solitary. Yung tarot cards and cellphone plus yung teacher can mean a lot too depending on the situation. omg i missed doing this lmao Kyle anuena HAHAHAHA

University Secret Files Yesterday at 8:56pm ยท


It was already early in the evening and our class isn't dismissed yet. I was holding a phone, Kuya's phone, the blue one, then Mama called but I heard Kuya voice instead, I told them my class isn't dismissed yet and I'll be late. The next thing I know is I'm holding a deck of cards, a tarot card I presume. I shuffled it like how I shuffle a usual playing card but it wasn't shuffled successfully. A man prolly a teacher told the class that I did the right thing. I scattered the cards and picked two cards meticulously. The first card I picked is somewhat colored with white and it's blurry. The man said something and I know the card symbolizes good thing. There's a word at the bottom of the card and it starts with the letter F, it has the letters e, y, n and g or j. I picked another one, it's a 4-letter word and it starts with g. It has n and y, the second letter is either a or o. The card shows a stone staircase and a lady with long hair in a long, backless black dress. She's climbing up, the atmosphere is scary and dark fog is allover. cocktail dresses for wedding guest

I know for sure that those words doesn't exist in the dictionary. I was able to read it but I forgot what I red when I woke up.

Can anyone decode my dream?