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Pillows and Needles
[Part10] Mazabuka kiss

As Eric sat on his lawn on a Saturday afternoon three weeks after that night he met Chimu, his mind drifted to how close he had got to Chimu. She had proven to be a very jovial and open minded lady. They had spent suns and moons already in each other’s company going for drives to nowhere, dinners, parties and nights in just fooling around at home. He smiled as he remembered how bad her jokes were and yet she found them so funny he was forced to laugh at her laughter not her jokes. He had never spent this long a period with any girl
Just last week they had gone to Siavonga because they had seen a couple on a boat in a movie and so they had there and then decided to do the same. It had been a fun filled weekend full of good sweet memories. He took out his phone and started browsing through the pictures they had got. Eric had an urge to upload some of them on facebook but the man in him told him to let Chimu be the first to show off on facebook. So far no one knew of their affair. What had started as a one night out had turned into such romantic moments that Eric forgot his player ways.
Today they planned to go watch Nakambala Leopards football club which was sponsored by the sugar company. Donald had asked him to come along and Eric had in turn also invited Chimu. Another good excuse to spend time with her. He had all these feelings that he didn’t understand but he was up for the emotional challenge. It was long overdue. This was his own woman and he wouldn't let her get away.
As the thought of Chimu getting away hit him, his thoughts charged towards Buumba. He had not met her since the fateful day at pep. He had seen her picture that night on the phone for one of the girls but he had cowered from asking fearing curious questions from Chimu. She was supposed to be the one. What if he met her again after he is with Chimu? A feel of sadness creped in for a split second. The odds of meeting her any time soon were farfetched anyway. There was nothing to worry about.
Chimu had managed to get Eric’s attention and affection but only after spending some good time with him. However Buumba had managed to drive his heart to skipping beats at first glance. She had an admonishing innocence. Buumba unlike most girls Eric met wore no makeup other than the Vaseline that she may have applied on her lips to avoid dry dehydrated lips. She had those talking eyes and white teeth. He remembered how it felt like holding her when she almost fell. Eric cursed Donald for having had appeared at that precise moment. He started thinking of ways to get Buumba’s number if at all that girl with her picture had it but where to find her. drop waist wedding dress
“Day dreaming are we” Chimu said planting a deep Mazabuka kiss on Eric’s lips. He had drifted away in thought. He had not heard Chimu Pull up in the yard. He had left the gate open and so Chimu had just driven right in without hooting.
“Nah, just work things” Eric lied as he put his hand around her waist and pulled her into an embrace.
Chimu had good fashion sense. Very particular about she wore for every occasion but right then, she wasn’t dressed for a soccer match spectacular.
“What’s the occasion”? Eric asked eyeing her from head to toe
“Uhm, babe, m sorry but I won’t make the match with you”
“What’s so important that you cancel a sunny day out with me?”
“I have wedding rehearsals hun. Wedding is next week”
“Oh ok. I am still waiting for the invitation card. I want to see how you shake up things”
“I will bring “Chimu said looking away.
They agreed that they Eric would drop her off at rehearsals and pick her up after the game. As he dropped of Chimu by the Matron’s wedding, he saw some girls sitted on camp chairs and he wondered if the girl with Buumba’s picture was among them. The house front door suddenly opened and out walked a girl seemingly in very high spirits as she went to join the others.
It was Buumba

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Pillows and Needles
[part11] ‘no wele’

Eric sat throughout the football match without even seeing anything. His entire soul had melted from inside him. He couldn’t believe what he had just seen. That was Buumba!! He had failed to drive away after Chimu dropped off. He watched as Chimu and Buumba had hugged like they were sisters. The smiles and their giggles played in his mind. They had seemed so comfortable with each other. What had befallen Eric? How was he to solve this dilemma? Chimu had dedicated the past three weeks to Eric guiding him through the reigns of Mazabuka.
On the other hand Buumba was that one girl he had felt power attractiveness to. While Chimu put in effort, Buumba did it so effortlessly. She had looked stunning in that long hair that looked fresh from the saloon. The red dress she was wearing was just about tight enough to be decent but reveal the most essential curves. Her waist had looked like it had been curved by Da Vinci himself. She looked like the kind of woman Romeo would have died for had he survived Juliet’s heart striking love.
Now here was Eric stuck in an involuntary love triangle that he couldn’t decode. He still had to pick up Chimu a, thought he was now dreading. He started wishing they had each used individual cars. What if Buumba also comes along? The race between the heart and mind in Eric’s system was driving him nuts.
Meanwhile on the other side Buumba was in high spirits narrating her good fortunes. Buumba, Nosiku and Chimu had been roommates back in University. Due to their parent’s good connections. Nosiku and Chimu had gotten Jobs with ease and so to hear that their best friend had also gotten a good job despite the far fetched town she had been posted to was a great moment of joy for them. She also narrated how one day she had been saved from huge embarrassment by a man she still dreamt of. She blushed through her dark skin as she remembered how Eric’s arms had felt that day, the rich perfume and his cutting eyes.
Chimu listened keenly as Buumba described how the gentleman looked. She would have bet her life she was talking about Eric. What a coincidence that would be. For the first time she had seen Buumba talk passionately about a man and the man was Her Eric. Poor Buumba so in love with her Friend’s lover without a clue. Buumba chatted away how he longed to see Eric again.
“I don’t care what he will think but the next time I see him I will confess my love” Buumba dared herself
“We need a girl’s night out to celebrate this good news and mysterious love” suggested Nosiku.
“We will also treat it as a bachelorette party” another girl who they only referred to as Kamz because she bought her clothes from Kamwala but claimed she bought them on eBay.
Chimu sat there in silence. She didn’t know what to do. She had plans with Eric that night. They had planned to catch dinner at a lodge Eric had refused to reveal. Now the girls had made plans and she was key to this outing.
She sent Eric a message; “don’t come to pick me. I will find my way to your place to pick up the car. We are having a girl’s night out”
The message was sent but Chimu didn’t notice that it had not been delivered
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