gothic wedding dresses

There is a formal event on my vacation for which I need evening attire. I do not own evening attire so I was scouring the thrift stores. All I found were lime green prom dresses in size whale, or yellow (oh yes, now THERE'S my color!) bridesmaid dresses in OMG I'm not that Big, AM I? I settled on the lime green. Then when I opened my closet to find some non matching shoes, what do my eyes behold, where it has been waiting patiently for 2 years? Where it stands ready to be grabbed when we have to evacuate (And it has evacuated with us twice already)? My fabulous, wonderful, amazing, sure to surpass anything I can find on Tinder, ballgown acquired for me by my close personal friend and shopper when she worked at Bloomingdales, gothic wedding dresses Jacqueline Marie !!!! I slipped it on over my sweatshirt and jeans that I slept in last night and am still wearing with unwashed hair and body, and it still fits perfectly! Dressed and ready to par-tay! Thank you Jackie. I knew its day (and mine) were coming.