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Episode 39


She had dressed her best. She faced the perfect reflection of herself in the mirror staring back at her. A silver, heeled sandals adorned her feet. Bright red, sparkling sleevless gown decorated her body. From the front view, it stopped few inches above her knee. Viewing in from the back, it was a floor length. It revealed all her unique features and curves.

Adorning her neck was a beautiful diamond neck-lace. Her ears, dangling diamond ear-rings. This time she went for a pink lip stick. Black eye shadow and a mild blush on both cheeks. Just a bracelet adorned her left wrist. Her hair was parted deeply by the some. It fell past her shoulders.

She took a deep breath. She was going to tell Jeremy the secret she’d kept to herself for nine whole years. It was going to be so difficult, however, she had to do it. It would be left to him to carry on with the marriage or not. She got to admit that she was going to be so heartbroken if he ended their courtship. She hadn’t lied to him. Only that she kept things from him-her private life, her business.

Turning to her bed, she took her purse and went out of the room. She locked the door with her keys.

“Melisa.” Prudence called, she was excited.

Purity froze on hearing that name. That was the last name she wanted to be called by. It was already bringing her troubles. Only thing is that ’twas her mama that called her.
“Don’t you call me that again!” she scolded her mum, turning to face her.

The surprise of Prudence’s face was clear as crystal. “You love that name, don’t you?”

Purity disagreed. “Not anymore. I am fine with ‘Purity.’ Call me that.”

She had started again. Prudence had to please her if she wanted peace. “Alright, darling. Purity. You are looking good.”

Purity smiled at the compliment. She was instantly sorry for yelling at her mother. It wasn’t the woman’s fault that the name-Melisa was giving her troubles. It wasn’t even the name; it was her. “Thank you. Mum, I’m sorry for shouting at you that way.”

Prudence nodded. She understood her daughter. “Its okay, dear. Your father and I wish you a very happy evening. Enjoy it to the full. We love you.”

“And I love you both, too.” Purity replied and plodded out of the house. She left her mother astounded. She grinned to herself knowing that her mother must be thinking if she was the Purity they knew. She had begun to change. She needed to fix her life, before it was all too late. She arrived at the garage, unlocked her car and got into it. Silently, she cruise out of her father’s compound. Slowly, she joined the highway off to the address Jeremy had texted her.

She arrived safely at ‘Golden foods eatery’ down Dowing street. The eatery was perfectly lit. There was no single soul. That place was deserted. She heard no sound either. She was scared to get off her car. She brought her phone out of her purse and scrolled through her messages, she tapped the one Jeremy sent and read it again. It was the venue. She was there. Why is he not here? Her vehicle was the only car there. She was starting to worry. She dialed Jeremy’s number.
“I’m at Golden foods eatery. There’s no one here.” She complained as he answered.

Purity could hear him laugh over the phone. Was he mocking her?

“Just go inside. I’ll meet you there. Please don’t be scared.”

Those words assured her. “Okay.”

She hung up and got down from her car. After making sure her vehicle was securely locked, she moved towards the entrance to the eatery. The door easily. She had thought she’d struggle with it. She stepped in and closed the door behind her. The place was elegant. Different rows of dinner tables, two chairs clustered each of these tables, a servet and glasses turned upside down were on the tables too. The curtains were crisp cream color, adding beauty to the eatery. The floor was tiled. The whole place glittered. long strapless prom dresses

Yet, there was no sign of anybody. Jeremy had advised her to go in, which she obeyed. He also told her he’d meet her. Does that mean he hadn’t reached? She stood at the doorway without moving an inch. She had to wait for Jeremy.

A faint sound from inside distracted her. She couldn’t discern where exactly it came from, but she had to check it out. Jeremy wouldn’t put her in any danger. He wasn’t evil. Bracing herself, she took an unsteady step forward.