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Here's why most people have me messed up when they think i'm an asshole about my political opinions...

1. I supported gay marriage. Outright. Fought with quite a few people about that one. Got called a crazy liberal numerous times. I just feel like they won, it's over, and now trans people that are extreme about it are using the already won gay movement for an unnecessary cause trying to defy biology and pretend that nobody is a boy or a girl... You are one or the other. You can be one that wants to be the other, but you were not born incorrectly, as an adult do what you want. Gender dysphoria is still classified as a mental disorder, because it is. Be what you want to be, nobody was stopping you. Most people just don't believe telling their kids that they aren't a boy or girl, or letting a grown man in a dress go to the woman's bathroom. But it wasn't even an issue until the media pretended it was one. Other than that, dress how you want to dress, sleep with who you want to sleep with. Stop turning everything into some giant spectacle. Gay people don't all wear penis hats either. A lot of them are just regular ass normal people that are living their lives like everyone else and don't care about the hysteria, I've had many gay friends through the years. What you see on t.v is just the most extreme of the extreme. But they can get married now. Grown men can wear a dress, grown women can wear ball shorts and a backwards fitted hat... there isn't anything to fight for. It's over. You want it to just be normal for little boys to wear dresses? It's not the normal. I'm not normal. I don't want the whole world to be like me. Who the hell is normal? Just stop trying to make everything a damned political debate. You're the odd ball. The world isn't just going to see things that are out of the ordinary and not feel some type of way about it. I learned that as a kid... How hard is that to understand? You can't even see somebody missing a leg or wearing an eye patch or something without asking questions. "What happened"? They don't have a leg, that's what happened. That's not even complex on a mental level. That's just basic human curiosity. See a grown man in a dress and heels, you're gonna be like... hmmm... wtf... okay then... red evening gowns

2. I support legalizing weed 100% recreational. You could argue over 18 or 21, but I support it. Mainly because i've seen far too much benefit and far too much stigma attached to it that doesn't make any sense. It creates more crime by being illegal, that wouldn't normally happen if it were legal. I've made a separate post on this specifically, so i'm not jumping into it. Stupid people are going to be stupid, same is true for liquor or cigarettes, etc. I don't support ending the drug war because heroin is a beast. They need to put a stop to heroin. Quick. Opium destroyed China for a long time. Some people say "just let them make their own choices" or "let them die". I'm not on that extreme. It is something that does turn people into massively different versions of themselves and destroys lives. Most of the time, the people using heroin have underlying depression issues and things like that. It's more prominent in poverty stricken areas. So, help put an end to poverty, start putting together real treatment programs that don't involve getting them hooked on something else or just giving them free needles or throwing them in jail. Actually try to help change lives one at a time. Actually prevent the heroin from getting here. I don't mind pain meds being prescribed, I just don't want them over prescribed and treated like candy. Weed and heroin/opiodes are not even in the same ballpark. And if you allowed people to smoke weed, it would stop at least some people from using pain meds. That's already proven. It's like trying to compare weed to crack... it's not a fair comparison. So I want an end to the drug war... but not an end to trying to stop people from using heroin in a functional way that makes sense.

3. Tell me that we need to fix the child support laws or the prison systems? I totally agree. Now tell me to do it "For black people". NOPE. You just lost me. Because I know plenty of white people in the warehouses I was working at that were out on work release for outstanding child support or minor drug charges. It is not just affecting black people. Perspective... If more black people were in jail for murder... I wouldn't say "Oh well, we need to make murder legal because too many black people are in jail for it". They were murdering people... It's about if the law is just. If the law is unjust, no matter who is impacted, you change the law. You don't argue over who is getting screwed over more or less. That's just a divisive argument. The child support laws are kind of messed up. And the drug laws are pretty messed up with it. We need to change both of them. But don't ask me to do anything about it for one race of people over another. I won't. Ever. Not for white people, and not for black people. I've been illegally searched, i've dealt with corrupt cops, i've had white friends get busted over the same exact stuff over and over. I'm not gonna divide this stuff up by race. It just makes it worse. There are problems, that need solving, for all of us. That affect, all of us. It's just the way it is.

4. I love latino culture. I've dated latina women. One in particular, I loved more than anybody on facebook would ever know. But I support a border. And i'm against illegal immigration. You haven't seen what i've seen. You don't know what I know. I'm not just some pos redneck that wants the country to be white. We could shut the border down right now and have more diversity than almost any nation on the planet... seriously. What's funny is how many latin-american's I know, that just like the Irish did after they got here, just call themselves American and agree with wanting a tough border. They came here for a reason... and it was to get away from the crazy shit that was going on where they came from. They don't want it following them here. How does this not make sense to some people? They still love their roots. I love my Irish - Italian roots. But i'm AMERICAN. I can still eat pasta and drink beer on St. Patrick's day without calling myself Irish or Italian or taking more pride in that than being American. I'm not gonna wave the Irish or Italian flag like it's my country... It's not... and people who would, don't need to be here. Hell, wave both of them. Just don't say America is terrible, and the country you're not living in and don't want to be in is great. Why be here then? Why be upset about being deported then?
That makes no sense. If you want to be here, you want to be American. If you want to be Irish, go back to Ireland. Italian, go back to Italy. Mexican, go back to Mexico. That doesn't mean you can't be American, and still hold onto your roots. Call yourself Irish-American or Italian-American or Mexican-American if that's what you want to do. Just don't pretend you'd rather be somewhere else while you're here if you came here to get away from somewhere else, or you've never even been somewhere else to begin with. Don't pretend that we should just let everybody in from the place you came from. I mean why would anybody want to come here if things were all just perfectly fine wherever you're from? I don't want Germans or Russians coming here illegally either for the record. Once you're here though, we're all supposed to be on the same team. Otherwise, it's not a country. It's just land with people on it fighting each other over everything. So yes, I support a tough border. But I'll be damned if you try to tell me I don't miss latino food, latino music and a latina woman in my life. The next good looking woman that feeds me lengua, or homemade tomales dancing to some mariachi music and talking to me en el spanol is about to get snatched up... just sayin...

5. Politics and religion are the 2 greatest sins. I was more heavily involved in politics than most people will ever know. When I got into music, I decided, ya know what, i'm staying away from politics. I just want to focus on music. And I did for a while... then one day, I looked around... and everybody decided they were a politician. EV... REEEEE... BODY... Every artist, dj, promoter, everybody. And people that I was working with. People I considered good friends... they had no problem bashing white people on a 24/7 basis. None. No problem talking about how the jews run the world. No problem blaming everything on the illuminati, and calling everything a conspiracy. No problem talking bad about christianity. I really, really tried to just keep my mouth shut. I just couldn't do it. Yall got on my last... damn.... nerve. I wanted to just focus on music. But every day everything was about racism, or gender, or religion. NON STOP. So, I decided hell with it. I wasn't going to spend the rest of my life keeping my mouth shut, while everybody else was running theirs. You think Christianity is so terrible because of things from 100's of years ago... cool. I think Islam can be pretty messed up because of what happened last week. You show me the guy that wouldn't take no for an answer with a female? I'll show you 3 women right now that make that guy look like a saint grabbing on every married man they see and trying to get him to cheat on his girl. You want to talk to me about how all white people are terrible, and how white women were cave bitches and black women were queens and all this nonsense. Understand, I was the guy telling everybody that ever called a black person the N word to shut the hell up at clubs, in my daily life wherever. Just to listen to some of my black friends think it was perfectly fine to constantly talk shit about white people. Cool, I won't use the n word, but I'm gonna talk shit about the stuff your race does too. It's called balance. If I gotta listen to your bullshit, you're going to listen to mine.

It's like I see more equality in the world than anybody realizes. One day, I saw white and black men and women, christians and muslims and jews and atheist, all hanging out together. Perfectly fine, nothing was wrong. We were gettin along pretty well.
And then one day everybody turned on the news and decided to break off into their groups and hate on everybody else. I looked down at my skin color and I realized... well i'm not black... I thought about my beliefs and was like... well i'm not muslim... i'm not christian.... I checked my gender and it turns out... i'm not a female... i'm not gay.... I'm not trans... If you want to play identity politics everyday. If you want to define people by those things.... i'm a white, straight, agnostic, American from KY.... that's what group YOU put ME in. I'm not gonna go out here fighting against men... fighting against white people... treating straight people like they're bad and telling Christians they're responsible for all things bad. Acting like there's no such thing as a border. It's bullshit. Everybody has good and bad in them. Everybody is capable of the great, and the terrible. And a lot of people right now, are showing their ass. They just want to bring out the worst in other people, so that they feel justified in bringing out the worst in themselves.

But if you'd stop trying to put everybody in identity groups... and stop trying make everybody fight only for people that look like you, or believe what you believe...

I'd fight for all of you. I'll fight for your free speech to talk all the shit you want, as long as you let all the other groups talk all the shit they want and not pretend they don't have the same rights as you.
I'd fight against child support laws. I'd fight for any person that was actually being oppressed AND I HAVE. I'm not just going to pretend that if you have the right identity, you're automatically oppressed and you come first. I'm too grown for all that craziness.
The identity crap is dividing us. It's not solving problems. It's not bringing us together.
If everybody would've avoided politics in music and entertainment... I would've stayed away from politics. But you all think you're politicians. You all want to voice your opinion on everything. So... i'm doing the same. If I gotta listen to people talk shit about white people, and men, and jews, and christians, and straight people.... I'm not going to get pissed off at anybody that's talking shit about black people or gay people or muslims or women anymore. Hell i'll talk shit about everybody. But my interest is in keeping things even, keeping things honest. I try to stay rooted in facts. Objective truth. If you put something in public and present it as a fact... it better be one. Otherwise it's debate time. And if you can't handle debate and you want to make it personal, we can make it personal then.... and if you want to treat me like i've gotta go hang out with the white straight guys and stay away from everybody else if I don't agree with them? That's what i'm gonna do. But i'm not gonna feel bad about it. I'm not gonna sit here feeling guilty over it. Because I didn't make that choice. All I did was have a different opinion than you did, and gave the world my opinions, and the best facts that I could present, just like you're doing every single day.
The sad part is one of my favorite quotes is "Be the change you want to see in the world". But in today's society... it's just words. Nobody pays you any attention. If you don't fight back, you just get walked on. Everybody wants a show. Everybody wants a public spectacle. You have very few people that just want intellectual discussion.

In general though... I just want people to get along and stop the hysteria. Have open minded conversations. Stop talking about race and gender on a 24/7 basis and just start acting like human beings again. Until then... If you're getting on your soap box.... I've got plenty to say myself.

Just some things to think about...