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This made me think of a friend, Scott Ryfun. These are dogs Scott. Not raccoons.


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*** Chi Yum Yum as "KISS" ****
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This years halloween costume/theme.
This was for a doggie event to raise funds for animals.
Yes, my girls LOVE dressing up or I wouldn’t do it. This took me 2 1/2 months to make all the costumes and set.
All handmade by mommie. Masks, outfits, style and haircuts to wigs, everything on stage (daddy helped with that).
All made of featherweight materials. Masks are made of breathable lightweight fabric with ear holes cute out so ears are not covered. Shoes aren’t shoes at all. They’re just covers over the feet. Feet completely touch the ground and they move around and walk easily. You can see the feet sticking out if you look close.
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Tag a friend and help us make another person smile today.
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-We are now being titled "Online Therapy Dogs" as many of our fans work and /or volunteer in Senior centers, rehabs and hospital and bring our videos to show them. They brighten their days and are now asking to see us every day. How amazing is that? We ARE making a difference.
-Yes we are on YouTube, Instagram & Twitter- all the same name - Chi Yum Yum
-Costumes and accessories are only on for the minute or two it takes to film the video, then removed. ANY negative comments will get you banned immediately.
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-YumYum, Lollipop and Gumdrop are all approx 3lbs measuring :
Neck: 8"
Girth: 11 1/2 " - 12"
Length: 9"
Pixie is very tiny. Only 1lb 13 oz
Measures approx:
Neck: 6 1/2" Girth: 8 1/2" Length 6 1/2"
-YumYum is 5 yrs old (cream color)
-Gummie is 6 (black one)
-Lolli is 9 (reddish/tan one)
-Pixie is 1 (DOB 12/18/14)
-The treat you see me give them is just plain steamed chicken.
-Pixie was ADOPTED from a very nice home but it was decided she would be safer in a home with very small doggies.
Pixie was born without a tail. She's perfectly healthy. It something that does happen occassionally. Makes her even more special to me. I think it's adorable.
-YumYums tongue hangs out because she has a super short snout and a pretty big tongue that just doesn't all fit in her mouth. She still has all her teeth. She has a bit of a hard time eating because of her very large tongue and therefore, eats slower. You may notice she doesn't get as many treats during the video but that's because I only have 2 hands. The camera in one, the treats in the other so no 3rd hand to hold Gummie the chicken thief away to not get YumYum's. I assure you once I put the camera down, I spend more time with them and allow YumYum to catch up on treats. v neck homecoming dress short
-Gummie and Lollipop sleep with us in our bed and YumYum sleeps in a playpen at the side of my bed because she has an open fontanel on her head which makes her fragile and I won't chance her bumping her head jumping or falling off the bed.
- Lollies nickname is Alvin because she is the "Alvin" of the chipmunks. Her hat and bow are Always first to be sideways and she's always off getting into something. Lol
-We are all girls and we are all adopted.
-Most of our clothes were gifts, many we won in contests, some online, some petco/petsmart, some friends made and some I made.
- all photos, videos, likeness and the
Chi Yum Yum name are copyright and trademark protected. No copying. No screenshots. I've had several instances where my photos were stolen and used on merchandise to sell for monetary gain without my permission. Legal action will be taken immediately. Please respect my copyrights.
ONLY "sharing" is permitted.

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