wedding party bridesmaid wears in cobalt blue

This is how we spent our # WGAawards .

While I watched Baz, Jeanne and VIvi spend 2 hours at Urgent Care and another 6 at the ER. Spoiler Alert: She’s fine.

Sunday morning, Vivi woke up unable to walk or even move her leg without screaming, white-hot pain. We thought she’d somehow broken or dislocated her hip, but it turned out to be inflammation and a lot of fluid, a somewhat uncommon side effect of the flu strain she’d battled the week before. A bunch of tests went smoothly, except for one spectacularly botched blood draw (think “Bellagio”), everything came back negative, and by 11:30 PM the worried men of the Felber clan had their womenfolk returned to them. wedding party bridesmaid wears in cobalt blue

So we missed the show, and Jeanne’s dress and my black-tie duds sit unused in the closet. We were sad to miss out on seeing all our friends and what we heard was a great show, and, I’m sure, a reasonably good piece of Jidori Chicken. But even though we didn’t get to attend the awards, we have so many people to thank.

Thanks to my dear friends and neighbors, Paul Brandano and Allegra Brandano , who hosted a top-notch dog wedding that morning (no, I’m not kidding), which became a day-long dog-infused party that was a much-needed distraction for Baz and me. Thanks to the parents of the groom, Kevin Burke and Jaime Ipson Burke , to Adam Korn and Shari Korn , to the Right Reverend Adam Jay Epstein and that dog-and-human-cuisine genius, Jane Silvia Epstein . I’m grateful for all the concern and support, which really helped us through the day.

Thanks to the good people of North Hollywood Urgent Care, who did their level best, and the amazing staff at Cedar Sinai Medical Center, and to our doctor, who spent the better part of his Sunday talking to us on the phone and monitoring every test result.

Thanks to Jordan Leitner at HBO Talent Relations, who arranged for our transportation and attendance and immediately unarranged for it when I called, assuring me that he’d take care of everything and I need only worry about my family.

Thanks to my former colleagues and current friends at Real Time - Billy Martin , Chris Kelly , Matt Gunn , Danny Vermont , Brian Jacobsmeyer, Jay Jaroch, and Bob Oshack, whose talent got me nominated and whose friendship made me want to attend. It has been my distinct privilege to lose multiple awards with you over the years.

Thanks to the good people of In N Out Burger, who must have wondered why a 5 year-old showed up at their drive thru window at 11PM. (Vivi hadn’t been allowed to eat or drink because of the possibility of a Procedure.)

But most of all, thank you to the WGA, whose primo health plan allowed us to worry only about our daughter, and not how we were going to pay the massive bills for her care. It wasn’t until after midnight, when the whole family was reunited and sleeping safely in their beds, that I made that connection: Even though I’d missed the chance to walk the red carpet, I’d enjoyed an infinitely more valuable function of our writers’ union.

So thanks for that. And even though I hear the music playing me off now, let me add that despite all the gratitude, I still feel like I am owed a piece of pretty good - but not great - chicken.