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Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things. - Peter Drucker

Making your Business Strategies a Possibility

Business Results FROM


Do your processes produce the desired results and meet your customer's and client's needs?

Effectiveness focuses on the needs of the customer and ensures an outcome that they want.

Each step in the process should be delivering incremental value to your customers.


Do your processes minimize the use of resources and eliminate red-tape and bureaucracy?

Efficiency focuses on helping individual employees understand their responsibility for the overall process.

Every staff member that knows their role and the roles of others is more efficient in their execution and can deliver insights into new innovations.


Are your processes flexible to accommodate changing needs and expectations?

Adaptability comes from a robust process that can sustain throughout iterations of change as the focus of the enterprise changes.

The universal constant is that things change. Are you ready?

Business Strategies


What is it?

  • Convert manual processes to automated processes.

Why Automate?

  • Be more efficient (reduce input costs)
  • Be more effective (increase outputs)


  1. Conduct a process analysis
  2. Rationalize current process(es)
  3. Implement changes
  4. Evaluate new results


What is it?

  • Doing same thing but with newer tools.

Why Modernize?

  • Be more efficient (stay compatible with other tools)
  • Be more effective (reduce data security risks)


  1. Assessment
  2. Scoping and planning with P.O.C. & pilot(s)
  3. Implementation
  4. Evaluation of performance


What is it?

  • Do something different with tools & process.

Why Transform?

  • Be more adaptable (lead competitive advantages)
  • Be more adaptable (respond to competition)
  • Be more effective (reduce compliance risks & cost)


  1. Strategic planning
  2. Solutioning & Objectives
  3. Roll-out
  4. Evaluation of outcomes

Strategy Option : Business Process Improvement

Competitive advantages through business process improvement come through the improvement of responsiveness to your customers and the productivity of your employees.

Today, more than ever, your customers are looking for more, your clients demand more, and your suppliers are raising the bar. Pressures to make each department execute on business value with fewer errors is often an area of focus for the modern enterprise. But, where do you start?

Business process improvement can help shape your ability to meet changing demands, align roles and responsibilities more clearly to each department, eliminate redundancies, and develop a stronger alignment of customer-value generation at each stage of every business process.

The Benefits of Improvement

Every for-profit business wants to improve the bottom line. But, think of that last. The bottom line is only a resultant measure of how effectively you're driving value to your customers from the start to the end of their journey with you.

AnyKey has been in business now for 19 years, and we're continuing to improve on our ability to deliver value in all that we do. These are the benefits of business process improvement that we have seen and you can expect too:

  • Eliminate duplication and bureaucracy.
  • Understand what each process costs your business in time and money.
  • Form clear process boundaries among staff, departments and business units.
  • Reduce human errors through effective internal controls.
  • Trial and prove process change before roll-out before making costly or embarrassing missteps.
  • Implement process change with confidence.

Self Assessment

Consider some of these questions to gather a self-examination of your current business process maturity.

  1. Do your customers, clients or suppliers complain about your processes?
  2. Do some of your departments produce a large number of errors?
  3. Do you have challenges with hand offs from department to department?
  4. Do you wish to improve your department's efficiency?
  5. Did you take on a new job and need to understand how the department works?
  6. Do you see a lot of duplication of data and/or tasks in multiple departments?

If your sense is that there are some room for improvement but would like to explore strategies to elevate your department, be sure to reach out today for a free consultation.

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