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Bring your data to life by cleaning up that data in your line of business systems and applications. Some systems give your people flexibility to "free text enter" information into the system, or add new items to system drop-downs entry fields. Without a structured metadata and data governance policy and procedures in place, the data can become less and less valuable over time because of this drift from what should be correct.

Where do your customers live? America, the U.S., US, United States of America, USA, or U.S.A. ? Which does your system say?

Cleanse your data when you are faced with these challenging situations:

  • Your teams are frustrated because they can not trust the data in the system
  • Data in one system doesn't line up with other systems
  • New coding formats need to be implemented in a new, consistent format
  • Values entered do not conform to corporate formatting standards
  • Inconsistencies of abbreviations leaves your data un-searchable
  • Testing data in your live production systems
  • User-entered fields have left you unable to sort your reports
  • Imported data from websites or third parties doesn't conform to your formats/standards
  • Data from acquired businesses is different than yours but needs to tie-in

To clean your data, you must either manually change inputs, or run a script behind the scenes. AnyKeyDataPaks are scripts delivered to you so that you don't have to enter the values by hand.

We can also customize a solution where we have a team of trained data-entry clerks enter and correct data in your systems, and as a result we can derive the associated scripts so that fix could be used multiple times.

How it works

For nearly a decade, AnyKey has honed it's data cleaning processes and procedures. AnyKey's approach follows these key steps:

  1. Planning and Onboarding - starting with your reports and screenshots, and a copy of your data, we mutually define goals and specific outcomes for your data cleanup initiative
  2. AnyKeyDataPak Architecture - working with your IT systems team, application vendors, and our Architects, we analyze the underlying data sources and isolate what needs to be changed from a technical perspective.
  3. AnyKeyDataPak Design - we work our magic using our proprietary tools and techniques to create data fix scripts that your IT teams can run against their databases to fix and update information in the systems.
  4. AnyKeyDataPak Quality Assurance - before delivering your AnyKeyDataPak, it goes through extensive quality assurances to make sure it works the way intended, and we deliver detailed evidence for auditors that demonstrates controls that show the script only modified the in-scope data.

Should your team need further assistance after delivery, we're here to help! Perhaps you want someone to run the script in your testing, UAT, pre-prod and production enviornments. Can-do!

one time

Sometimes the databases are just so cluttered that a comprehensive purge or fix is necessary. Other times, you need to take action on very specific data challenges where a surgical strike would cleanup only the most valuable data.

This is where AnyKeyDataPak comes to the rescue, and allows you to remedy data conformity challenges while developing a more comprehensive data governance strategy to prevent future data clutter.


When working on a project, it is an ideal time to engage our services. It makes no sense to migrate unclean data from one system to a new system.

This is where AnyKeyDataPak becomes vital, so that your data and project teams can focus on delivering the solution, while we wave our "magic wands" and say magic words to make your database content and metadata clean for the project team.

legacy systems

Legacy systems are our specialty. The vendor may not be in business any more, or your application was developed in-house years ago. Not a problem. Our team take a pragmatic approach to zero in only on problem areas.

AnyKeyDataPak team have worked through those challenges before, and our process opens you to the possibilities of data locked in legacy systems.

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  • More accurate reporting = more accurate business decisions
  • Hand off this task so your team can focus on more important jobs
  • Rely on a structured and repeated process that meets and exceeds rigor of auditor and regulator scrutiny


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