AnyKey SQL Server Assessments

AnyKey SQL Server Assessments

Bring your data to life by ensuring your SQL Server infrastructure on premise or on cloud is deployed in a way that is optimal for your needs.

What exactly does one get with an AnyKey SQL Server Assessment?

  • Peace of mind. Know how your systems stack up in relation to what AnyKey sees others do that is successful (or isn't), Microsoft recommended approaches, and industry best practices.
  • Details. We are not shy to bear all and show you everything we dig up and transparently share the findings, conclusions and recommendations.
  • Be Bragadocious. With our assessment in hand, you can justify your budget and investments by knowing that raising the bar was done in a way that your SQL Servers past muster. You basically get bragging rights.

No matter what stage you are at in your SQL Server journey, AnyKey's SQL Server Assessment approach is versatile and robust enough to ensure there is a next step waiting for you on your journey...

... and our approach ensures you can organize yourself and develop your vision, align your team to the vision, and only then begin to build new technology capabilities because you'll be totally convinced the build investment aligns exactly to your organizational vision.

Take the next step

We know you're curious to know what is included in an assessment.

Let us walk you through a quick 30-minute overview on how you can personally benefit from an AnyKey SQL Server Assessment, given where you are at on your journey.

No one comes close

Many of our "competitors" claim to have an assessment approach, but what they really mean is they will help you run the free Microsoft MAP tool and tell you how many licenses to buy.

That's not what AnyKey does.

AnyKey holds exclusive distribution rights in Canada for SQL Anvil Enterprise Platinum. Sometimes we also use Microsoft tools, and when the need arises we have an arsenal of scripts and utilities at our disposal.

AnyKey Solutions is the only professional services company in Canada who can use SQL Anvil, which is THE Gold Standard for SQL assessment work.

Why customers love us

AnyKey is deliberate in our SQL Server Assessment approach to concentrate on giving you the best of our experience and ensure that all the issues we observe are clearly explained and supported by evidence.

Best of all, unlike every one of our competitors, we do not take advantage of the situation and leverage the results meeting as a sales pitch. We focus on delivering to you the quality assessment you hired us to deliver.

Naturally, our team of professional AnyKeyDBAs could be hired to put out fires, take care of the day-to-day, drop in to help, or re-engineer your 3-year SQL Data Warehouse... But, as for the AnyKey SQL Server Assessment. You get the assessment, not a sales pitch.

All Roads Lead to ...

You thought we were going to say "Rome," didn't you? In fact, there are many reasons to do a SQL Server Assessment. Customers tend to focus on the following key assessment goals:

  • SQL Review - This is an operational focus that looks at an entire data center's SQL footprint as the scope. From this, we provide a birds-eye-view of the "State of the Union". This is somewhat the "baseline" assessment most people go with.
  • SQL Modernization - With SQL Server 2016 released just last year, and SQL Server 2017 just around the corner, customers want to know how to get to modern in their infrastructure. In this assessment, AnyKey performs the initial SQL Review and then does a deeper analysis on specific workloads you specify that yields a multi-year SQL Server Roadmap to get from "now" to "modern" over a comprehensive set of waves, giving you the prescription, workflows and exact steps for modernizing SQL Server 2000, 2005, 2008/2008R2, and 2012 to SQL Server 2016.
  • Database as a Service (DBaaS) - Looking to leverage a hybrid cloud infrastructure where your DBA team agnostically deploy SQL Workloads on premise or on private/public clouds? Look no further. This "select from a menu" operational model allows your business users to "buy" from your I.T. the right amount of database resources from a pre-crafted menu that relies on your newly modern and standardized SQL farm. This assessment includes an organizational review of your ITIL processes and governance, and dovetails Modernization along with the SQL Review to ensure your 3-year Roadmap makes sense for where you are at as an organization and meshes totally with your corporate culture and priorities.

Just because those are more popular, you may want to consider some of these other areas where AnyKey's talented team of SQL Server experts can deliver enduring strategic value for your organization:

  • Performance & Bottleneck Tactical Assessment (something specific going on? let's zero in)
  • AlwaysOn / High Availability Implementation Assessment
  • Always Encrypted Assessment (data-at-rest and in-transit encryption)
  • Application Modernization Assessment (make an application work with SQL Server 2016 or Azure PaaS services)
  • Stretch Database Assessment (cold storage on Azure based on business rules)
  • Oracle/Sybase/DB2 to Microsoft SQL Server migration (save big on licensing costs)
  • and many more...


  • Understand how your SQL Server infrastructure stacks up to vendor recommendations, industry best practices and AnyKey's expert eye-view.
  • Independent and un-biased perspective that gives you valuable ammunition to secure your budget for next year and also sleep better knowing your infrastructure is snug.

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