Data Platform Integration

Data Platform Integration Services

Bring your data to life by integrating data sets and data systems. This eliminates double-entry, and the risk of errors that come from trying to line those data up in reporting. What you want is for your systems to be quick, and accurate. If your gut tells you that the data in your systems is incomplete, and there's a better way, you're absolutely right. There's always a better way, and it doesn't have to break the bank to achieve that vision.

AnyKey was founded on the principle of supporting businesses ability to do more with their information. Part of that is storing it correctly, another part is processing it quickly, but our view is that the most important part is that humans need to get access to it in a way that's timely, meaningful and relevant to the business decisions at hand.

Database Systems

Bring your data to life by connecting database systems to communicate to each other. This empowers data sharing and leads to enable new possibilities in your business intelligence strategy.

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Internet of things

Bring your data to life by learning more about what is happening in the field, in those remote places where it is costly or dangerous to send people to measure and monitor. Yield the value of the Internet of Things (IoT) by engaging in preventative maintenance and de-risk your operations from unplanned down time. Simplify your compliance and gain operational insights with real time monitoring.

At the core, you will be able to analyze your data-points and discover new ways of improving your products and services, eliminate costly breakdowns, and lower your operating costs.

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Bring your data to life by implementing and integrating applications into your environment with AnyKey's proven implementation model. AnyKey can install application suites, and take it to the next level by hooking it up to "talk" with other systems to maximize ROI from your investment.

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Data consolidations

Bring your data to life by consolidating application databases from many into one. In the past, database systems couldn't handle a lot of data transactions, but with modern advances in the database technologies (such as SQL Server 2016's in-memory transactions that is no longer a problem. Merge these databases, consolidating the data, and reduce the need for multiple database servers and therefore lower your total costs of ownership.

If your data sources contain historical data that has a lot of problems or errors, consider a data clean initiative with our AnyKeyDataPak service.

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  • Enable business strategy and deploy new competitive advantages
  • Avoid double-entry in multiple systems.
  • Learn more about your operations faster, and with clarity.

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